Kristin Davis

Poem By Beth Damstrom

Who could have imagined,
A kindred spirit and a searching soul.
Fate brought us together,
To make you whole.
I pray for you daily,
For strength ever so great,
For very soon my friend,
We will meet on our date.
I love you dearly,
And know of God’s grace,
For in this world,
You make it a better place.
You hang in there honey,
And be aware of my love.
For He listens intently,
From Heaven above.
We are blessed with your smile,
Your sweet yet rebellious way.
And I know in my heart,
You will get stronger every day.
So just hang in there,
Baby Gurl of mine.
I have never known anyone,
So sincere, strong, and kind.
I am in awe of you daily,
With your laughter so true.
My life would not be the same,
Had I not met you!

Comments about Kristin Davis

***Crying..ok, that's a flat out lie.. I'm bawlin' like a damn baby*** I LOVE YOU! ... I love all of you... sheet.... *Wipes eyes as the tears keep commin'* Ya'll gettin' good @ gettin' this gurl speechless... wassup with *****************GROUP GROPE! ! ! ! *********************** Beautiful.... and truly touching Bethers! Thank you, just doesn't seem to even touch how I feel... Hope your back is in good shape, cus if I'm up to it...*adrenaline pumpin'* I'm jumpin' up in yo arms and tacklin' you down! =D Love n Honor, Kris!
Beth...Beautiful dedicational for a hell uv a Gal...Just spoke to Kris late sunday afternoon, and as your Poem profoundly points out, the Rebel inside was in full & unwavered force.Please tell Poetess K., the Frankster will be in touch on Tuesday ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''FJR
Nice one beth, she is a spunky lady indeed. She always has a smile and never gives up. I am so pleased she has a friend such as yourself close by. All power and strength to her, her friend in thought and love, Tai
great job hun! i'm sure kristin will love it!

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