So many days, so many memories. Am I dreaming or is this real I think it's far too early to tell. Little things go unsaid and many things are hidden behind the shadows of darkness. When will you know when the truth is real and it's not just a who cried wolf? When do you know when enough is enough? When is it time for things to turn around and the sun to shine down? Do you really have to lose what you have to realize what you once had. And if you lose it will you ever get it back? I guess it all depends on what you lose and what you try to get it back.. Maybe it wasn't meant for you, maybe you're better off with out it, is it your fear of losing it that makes you hold on? You think your life won't be worth as much as it is when you have it in your grasp.? Take time to think about what you have and what you've lost. Think about the things you hold on to and then think of what it would be like if one day you just decided to let it all go.

by Samantha Mellon

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A kind of very serious letter. The kind that often emerges far down this road of losing. It may be too late here. I can't believe these words haven't been said before. Just not in a letter, so there is time for the reader to digest them and just not as well. GW62