Suffer or they'll make you suffer.
Suffer or you'll suffer worse.
Falsely promised free expression
Finds the creeps who think perverse.
They are God's appointed watchers
Sworn to torment every creep.
Brothers work in every office
Brothers live on every street.
There's no need for trials or warrants,
'Questor generals frame the lists.
Lists are sent to every doctor
Lawyer, pub, psychiatrist.
No way out for creeps in Krystate.
They won't even let them die.
Penance ordained by prescription,
Creepie thinking's classified.
Brothers suffer fearing brothers;
Brothers turn each other in;
Brothers forced to follow orders;
Krystate fall so we can sin.

by Michael Pereira

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It is actually the cartel of secret lodges that made America, and the Western World, like this. A satanic secret society came from England to Massachusetts in 1638. In 1640 they founded the town of Milton, to be their secret headquarters, named after John Milton who glorified satan in his Paradise Lost. They came to be known as the Order of the Bell, due to the fact that they killed traitors to their order by shattering their brains under a big bell, by the bell's vibrations around, and therefore in, their heads. It was Auschwept's Illuminati who joined them, but, the cartel of secret lodges has come to be known as the Illuminati. In puritanical Massachusetts it was these satanists who caused the mixture of church and state, to cause as many people as possible to hate religion, which actually continues to this day by the outlawing of prostitution and euthanasia.God wants voluntary service. Religious laws are involuntary and un-Constitutional laws that turn would be sincere Christians against Christianity, at least in their minds, and it is the mind that matters.