L' Allegro

Not all youth is sorrow and trouble;
Nor in old age is wisdom double.
Do you know the promise that holds one forever?
‘tis to savor sweet youth, for old age can never.

Constant change is constant learning,
Even in times of stealth and cunning.
Unrequited love is lingering death:
Like an everlasting shallow breath.

If you can dream – if you just suppose -
Then who am I to oppose?
Fortune can be Janus-faced:
Once the victor and now disgraced.

The Just do not snatch the spoil:
But enjoy merriment in sweat and toil.
When God did play the dice,
Doubt was born in a trice.

Fate doth favor or dispenses
Of men of little consequences.
Love and Passion go hand in hand:
They make Pleasure easy to understand.

A hard fall in one’s pride
Should be taken well in stride.
Ego creates the enemy:
It’s not ‘you’ or ‘us’ – it’s always ‘me.’

To those who willingly misunderstood,
Perdition was never so good!
In your journey what you wish to find,
Is most often not defined.

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