L'allegro - Ii

Reality, by far, is perception,
Dancing and duelling with deception.

The mind that's lonely lives apart
From seeking joy and a change of heart.

The happy man does travel light
Through the journey into the night.

Fame is giddy at times at best,
And nothing, were I to jest.

Hope is Faith's loving daughter,
Even were it to come to slaughter.

Time is not what it seems to many,
Yet touching all and dwells in any.

Human sins get sicker and bolder
They now start ever young than older.

The truly wicked do merrily share,
Their love of hate under lordly care.

Human brutality is an ancient game,
Over millenniums its still the same.

Blinded justice is blended well,
With seduction and a dash of hell.

The gates of heaven is always open
to those with integrity unbroken.

Faith is Hope's loving mother:
They breathe life into one another.

Madness feeds the shallow with power:
Loved by many, and predictably dour.

Hate and fear are a natural pair,
most commonly found in election blare.

Some humans are verily self-defeating:
With minds of sheep, forever bleating.

Dubious figures that are admired,
Trap the souls of the inspired.

God-given rights are not rights by God:
They're rights by men to be overlord.

They're gone to the room next,
Their play with death is the pretext.

A promise to be remembered is half-sincere:
It's priceless to think you'd be so near.

23 September 2016

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Robert Frost

Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Evening

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