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L'Amour En Rêve, Reveries Of Love
JD (1/3/45 / )

L'Amour En Rêve, Reveries Of Love

I toss in strangely troubled dreams
Of rolling hills and woodland streams -
Of soft, pale skin, so smooth and fair,
And moonlight glancing off her hair.

What can I say? What can I do?
Sad to say, she's just not you.
True love calls...'Come, please be mine...
We'll drink to good Saint Valentine.'

And if, perchance, you choose to stay,
We'll leave her there and go away:
To roam the world, to wander far...
Beneath fair Venus, morning's star.

For fate could never put asunder
Bonds of love, entwined in wonder...
Though our souls should dare to brave
A bright new land beyond the grave.

Why waste one day, one minute more?
Let's bite the apple to the core;
And while the years and seasons fly,
Our love will grow...and never die.

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