Poem Hunter
(7TH OCTOBER 1951 / Trissur, Kerala State, India.)


Poem By Allistair Solomon

She walked on the pavement,
Seiing the sights on it,
Her eyes searching for
Beautiful damsels,
Finding one so voluptious,
She follwed her,
Taking her in all detail,
The pouting mouth,
Luscious lips, blue eyes,
Breasts and bottom like,
Like a mannequin,
The lesbian caught up
With the beautiful one,
Offering her a drink in
Swank bar talking
Sweet nothings, requesting
Her to come to her home,
Which was accepted,
She trying to disclothe
the beautiful one,
Unable to control herself,
But the beaut swept away
In disgust, disappointing
The lesbian, who sat
And dreamt in the chair,
Of the details of what could
Have been if she succeeded
In her futile attempts.

Ravikiran Arakkal

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that was beautiful keep it up! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !