MS (8.4.1929 / Marton, Lancashire)

! L O N E L Y

l o n e l y

on the paper, on the screen
all by itself

l o n e l y

is it,
does it think it is,
is it happy to be like that
is it happy to be,
does it hope for company
does it enjoy its own company?
does it look at itself
and say oh look
I'm one
guarded by two ells
that's alright then

Shakespeare, yes, was
the first to use it,
made it up
all by himself
felt he/we needed it
to say something that
hadn’t been said before
in quite the same way with
quite the same sound
the sound of lonely

he invented more words
than any other person
why was that

next time
you read it

l o n e l y

you might think of him
being lonely
or exactly the opposite
smiling as he invented it
knowing it could be useful

smiling at you
saying yes I know
but I’m here for you

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Comments (18)

A thought provoking write... I never really looked at 'lonely' in that light. Thanks for sharing... now I'll think of you whenever I read the word!
Amazing poem. I am delighted to read it.
Very interesting write. Words with similar meanings sometimes seem to have quite unique 'feelings' that attach themselves in our minds. Alone, lone, lonely, all just a bit different to my mind. Sole, Solitary, Solitude again with these the emotional reaction differs. I really enjoyed this piece thanks Michael.
Talk about lonely - - Think back farther to Chaucer. He stretched his double entendres so far that he felt it was necessary to apologize at the end of his Tales. An example is his description of the Monk: An outridere, that lovede venerie, ...[to hunt? we know how that word developed in Modern English] Of prikyng an of huntyng for the hare/Was al his lust, ...He hadde a gold ywrought a ful curious pyn; /A love-knotte in the greater ende ther was. Shakespeare not only invented new words but gave life and new meanings to existing ones. But isn't that what us poets are supposed to do? ? ? Write On Tom
'One guarded by two ells' - how can anyone ever feel lonely when they think about it like this? I love how the Bard has inspired this wonderful musing from you Michael. it's going into my faves.Thankyou. Justine.
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