L.O.V.E (Love Is All Luck And Time)

Poem By Courage Galley

We substitute gifts for time
Yet are inadequate expressions of love
What we want is not partner's gift
But partners time

Expression of it should be unconditional
Making it more genuine and perfect
Valuing it shouldn't be seasonal
Directional, it should be adequate

It protects, guide and never depart
Immeasurable, considerable is demanded
It comes from the depth of the heart
Breakable, stoppable it should be amended

I still remember your proposal to me
I realized it's all happen in a dream only
And I can't control my tears from my eyes
Is this how I will suffer everyday Baby……?

Proposal on that day was made under a tree
You had the opportunity to say NO
In the state of you being free
A moment when everything was dope

I love you with all my might
I think of you every night
You help me make things right
We both are to be tight
Darkness has faded away our love which isn't right.

I tried to forget your name
I tried to forget your face
I tried to forget your laugh
I tried to forget your sound
I tried to forget your love
But after all it's like I forget myself instead
Baby I'm SORRY…………

Love is sweet, sweeter than any other wine
The wine we use to dine, on this day, VALENTINE
Valentine is you and you are me
You and me are meant to be lovers forever

My love to you is like a living stream
With a flow that will never cease
My love to you is like a colorful bird
Flying high up with blissful ease

All I wish is to see your face
To sit with you and talk a while
All I wish is to see your smile
Then give you a kiss, a warm embrace

Love is Life
Love is Sacrifice
Love is Care
Love is Sweet
Love is Pleasure
Love is Pain
Love is Gain
Love is Fate
Love is Feeling
Love is Understanding
Love is Crazy
Love is Affection
Love is Selfless
Love is Forgiveness
I LOVE YOU…………….

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