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Love is not a conquest
Love is not a bid nor a contest

Love cannot be bought or sold
stolen, fractured or old
it is always new
for love that is old is love that is told
told by the people who have given up, given in

Love cannot be broken, for it is whole,
Love cannot be killed for it's inside the soul

love can be lost in the abyss of stuff
stuff here or there all that matierial fluff

Love is unspoken and untold
Its a glance or gleam a poem or a dream

nothing harsh nothing extreme just a dream
upon a pillow of wishes from the mind of a child
the heart of the wild

Love will be your first
love will be your last
it will quench your thirst
it will ease your past

let it go
let it be

it will find you
before it finds me

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Pablo Neruda

If You Forget Me

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...Melissa, love that name, you are an exceptionally good writer for one so young