La Bella Luna

He said
- My bella luna,
You reflect my sun.
She sighed,
Breath swept out
A compressed tear
In her eye
Took an age
To form a diamond
And drop.
Put it in a ring,
She'll sigh.

Eyes wide blue ocean
She has no notion
How keen.
Can you bear to look
Past my cratered face?
One million and two
Asteroids broke surface here.
I wear my scars well;
Badges that tell
I have been moved.

She said
- I'll rise every night
To reflect your light.
I shall raise tides,
Illuminate the sea swell
to tell my bubbling
Cup brims over.
He offered her
His shoulder.

by Annette Lohan

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Comments (2)

Another beautiful one, Annette. You have the gift.
Well, Well, Welcome Annette! I love your poetry, the celtic base to it, and the domestic intimacy mixed with the wild spaces. Thanks for your comment on the Otter's Cry. Keep writing! P.S. I love John O'Donohue's work