Beautiful Good Morning Gorgeous

A beautiful good morning to you my gorgeous girl
and I give you a huge hug in pure loving care,
I miss you so much and wish you were here
to be with waking up next to
so we can give each other a smile and say
I love you my darling as we share the most
sweet and loving kisses.
A beautiful good morning to you my gorgeous Kira
I love you my darling and send you
these great big hugs of love to deeply warm you.

It's very very windy here this morning
in northern Arizona but at least it is sunny,
i wish you could sit here with me in my sisters
front room in the light wrapped up in a light
blanket and so peacefully snuggling.
My brother in law and sister are now on vacation
and my nephews are in school so it is so quiet
and my mom could do her own thing while we
just enjoy our own time so very quietly snuggling
in the deep love that we share and are feeling
all around us inside ourselves and through the air.

A truly wonderful and bright beautiful morning to you
my sweet Angel Kira dove you are such a
magnificent woman I truly and completely love.
I miss you and would give anything to have you
in person right by my side where I can hold you
so close and give kisses of pure love that
I am in such deep need of sharing with you.
I am in need of giving everything that I have
to you Kira my sweet Angel dove through every morning
day and night through all of time.
A beautiful good morning to you my gorgeous girl
you are a diamond in the rough I so deeply adore.
I love you sweet Kira you are the best that there is.

A beautiful good morning to you my beautiful dear
and I am always with you no matter where,
my heart and soul are yours and yours alone
because you are the precious woman I cherish alone,
you are the Angel I know God sent as a gift
to the world and the ones that you love
and give honestly in full in return.
I love you sweet Kira and I always will
and I so miss you everyday that I live.
So on this good morning just feel me hold you
and all the sweet kisses I am giving you.
Soon my sweet darling we will have this sweet dream
have a beautiful morning my gorgeous one.

by Michael P. McParland

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Something is wrong in this poem Text is different
wretched wight should read wretched knight or knight at arms other than that minor error this is a wonderful poem full of imagery and story
My favorite poem of favorite poet
Keats was morbidly ill. It seems to me that in this poem he is the knight, and his life is the woman. She is beautiful, but she has no mercy. There is a further parallel as in life he met a woman he loved and they could not marry because he was poor and dying. This is his lament. Beautiful.
'La Belle Dame Sans Merci' translates to 'The Beautiful Lady Without Mercy.'... I adore the fourth stanza of this poem... The woman described is strange and wonderful... and absolutely terrible. Her love is something that the knight desires, but that he learns to fear as well... This faery's child is nature in all her splendor and yes, mercilessness...
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