I Once Believed

I once believed I had a special and very
Rare connection with those in my family
There was a time I felt so very lucky
To not only have these people in my blood
I chose each one, also as my friend.

We shared wonderful moments happily laughing
Along with tears we cried for each others pain
It was all so priceless - I truly loved every part
Of what only now remains forever in my memories.

I no longer share this gift of family I have explained
Not with the same meaning once contained
I loved, cared for, and completely trusted each one
I did always, have always, and continue to always
Give each of them my love, loyalty and my support.

Never did I perceive what I would get in return
Each one of them, and this included my own mother.
I was betrayed by accusations, doubts, and assumptions
My character not considered when judgments were ruled.
Loyalty overlooked when believing the lies of a mere stranger.

Why didn’t they just rip my heart out with their bare hands?
Then coldly finish by taking turns to crush all the life it contains
What happened to the treasured family I once belonged to?
Did I see something that no one else saw?
Did I feel the emotions alone that I once believed were shared?

Why don’t they miss all that I miss, each and every day?
I can no longer trust in those I once held in high regard
Everything has changed completely and permanently
There can be no turning back on what has been said or done.
The test of loyalty was given for each to consider and decide
The results obvious, and clear, showed an undivided conclusion.
Disloyalty – falseness and pretense the definite outcome.

I lost all that I once dreamt – I guess it was only a dream?

August 31st 2006

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