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La Luna Del Cacciatore – The Hunter’s Moon

La Luna Del Cacciatore – The Hunter’s Moon

Poem By Kirstyanne SharkeyDaly

Let’s play a game,
guess my name and live.
Landscapes evolved
yet I remained.

Stalking the night on feather light toes
I hear whispers on the wind.
I remain without shadow
while a life bleeds away.

My next victim waits,
your saviour around the corner.
I taste the death of strangers
and mourn the death of friends.

I loved and lost,
I felt the skin of another.
The sweetest blood could never taste
like my lovers kiss.

I sense your thoughts and fears
as we walk through the city dusk.
Taking notes and searching
for your own immortality.

I can show you death,
or everlasting life.
The choice is yours,
when the time comes.

I have a family,
they all slumber now.
The lichen, my brother
and my enemy.

My life’s tattooed to my being
in my second chance.
Flesh to ashes, ashes to dust
I will live on.

My coffin shades me
in my daytime coma.
Locked deep underground
with no disturbance.

What I wouldn’t give
to watch one last sunrise
before perpetual slumber.
Have you guessed yet?

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To live a day, to see the night, to watch you tremble, love comes to light, my being whole, my future yours, life cast away, I never closed the doors. Being is empty, loving is whole, remembering what was, fulfils my soul. I liked your piece, very sweet, very sorrowful not yet bitter x
I enjoyed hunters moon.If you have time try my version. 'Ritual'