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La Piggion De Casa (The Rent)
(7 September 1791 – 21 December 1863 / Rome)

La Piggion De Casa (The Rent)

Nun pòi sbajà ssi vòi. Qua ssu la dritta,
Ner comincio der Vicolo der Branca,
Doppo tre o quattro porte a manimanca
Te viè in faccia una pietra tutta scritta.

Svorta er collo tra l'oste e l'artebbianca
E ppropio attacc'a quella casa sfitta
Lì a ppianterreno ciabbita er zor Titta
Er barbiere a l'inzeggna de la cianca.

L'hai capito mo adesso indove arresta?
Be', domatina tu vacce a quest'ora,
Ché l'ora lui de non trovallo è questa.

Dì: "C'è er zor Titta?" -- "No". -- Tu dije allora:
"Dice zia che a ppagà viè st'antra festa
Ché glieri lei lo rifaceva fora".


You simply can't miss it. Here on the right,
At the beginning of Branca Lane,
After three or four doors on the left
You'll come to a stone covered with writings.

Turn your head between the tavern and the grocery
And just by that vacant house
There on the ground floor lives Mr.Titta [1]
The barber with the leg sign [2] .

Have you understood where it is?
So tomorrow morning go there at this time,
Because this is the right time not to find him.

Ask: "Is there Mr.Titta?" -- "No". -- You then say:
"Auntie says she'll come to pay next holiday
Since she thought that yesterday he was still out".

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