BG (03/15/1957 / New Jersey)

Labor For Eternity

How can you my friend not afford, to spend your time for The Lord?
He carves a niche for you and me, a niche secure through eternity.
You may have a niche on this earth, but does it have eternal worth?
Will all of your labor be in vain, when you reach that eternal plane?

When you help your fellow man, are you building on rock or sand?
The Rock you know is Jesus Christ, the sure foundation of New Life.
As the sands shift and change, only life in Christ remains the same.
As you live you can understand, life on earth is much like the sand.

What’s here today is gone tomorrow, causing many pain and sorrow.
Earthly endeavors are fleeting friend, as earthly ways come to an end.
Fix your eyes upon Christ my friend, and your time you’ll wisely spend.
By God time for all has been cast, only what’s done for Christ will last.

Together labor for Christ our Lord, and you will see an eternal reward.
As this earth is purged with fire, your reward is preserved much higher.
Build your future upon The Rock, and you shall receive eternal stock.
Stock with an eternal dividend, which found in Christ, shall never end.

You can help God sow some seed, just simply follow The Spirit’s lead.
Until all the seed planted is grown, water the seeds others have sown.
Serve The Lord bearing His Name, in the end you won’t be ashamed.
But, well done you will hear Him say, as you’re rewarded on that day.

(Copyright ©05/2005)

by Bob Gotti

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Thanks for the belly laugh PH. Bob
Hey Bob, the other day a couple of Jehovahs Witnesses came knocking on my door. These ladies were very polite and nicely dressed, very different from how I imagine you to be - walking around in your boxer shorts, plopping down in a leaky beanbag chair with a beer and a bag of Cheetos to watch a NASCAR race on TV. Anyway, I told these very sweet ladies about your bizarre predictions that they would end up boiling in a cast iron cauldron or getting impaled on pitchforks or having their eyeballs poked out by laughing red-skinned guys with horns. Well Bob, these ladies found this bloody well disgusting and I had to agree. I reassured them that you are simply one of these misguided people who can’t think for himself and is incapable of listening to others. They said you probably need some psychiatric help. Whoa! Now, don’t scowl and curse at me. They’re the ones who said it.