Labour Day

When work or duty
Becomes a passion
One enjoys learning
The art of it
Back to the beginning
As a treat for all
To go in one go
Loving with love
Calm and ease
A sense of dignity
Of labour.

Air on the earth
Historical accounts
Based on factual facts
Pragmatically realistic
Untold truths
Lived and imagined
Carved on the stones
With blood and sweat
The past make better
For the mankind
But, not the bitter.

What it is
What it has been
And what intends to be
As shown by
The patience exhibited
Than through any virtue
That the two hands
Of a labourer can achieve
None else can
After, long hours of labour
It needs recreation
And also hours of rest.

Labour that uplifts
The society
Has a dignity of labour
With painstaking
As the whole world's
Celebrating First May
As International day
Labour being its reward
Strength and pleasure
A perfect mix
Of the run as a fun
To relax in the sun.

A toast to all workers
All labour organizations
World over
In togetherness
Leaving some cheers
To make peace on earth
Working so hard
Toiling throughout
Delivering the best
Having no time
To relax and rest.

By stopping
The child labour
Protecting children
From exploitation
Sharing hope and vision
And solidarity
Up against a trouble
Facing challenges
Pace to pace
Planting its roots
Taking the brace
Wishing all success
Prosperity and joy
A dignity of labour
In everything
Whatever they do.

-Copyright © hrsharma ®2015
Ludhiana, Punjab, India.

by Hans Raj Sharma

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A witty reflection on the essence and dignity of labour, eloquently crafted in persuasive poetic expressions with artistic brilliance. A beautiful poem written to commemorate Labour Day. Thanks for sharing Hans and do remain enriched.
marvelous labour all women suffer hence 10/10
May Day is celebrated to honour world workers, Who work eight hours a day all round the year! It's called as International Workers Day or May Day or Labour Day all over the world forever...! For everything there is a limit, human or machine; For humans eight hours of work a day is enough And also for machines to avoid fatigue rest is needed; Starting from USA this convention is being followed. Labourers means not Communism but all workers, Who work to earn their lively hood to live in honour, Not to support any ideology against any other class And develop themselves so to live well in society ever! Work gives satisfaction, joy and pride for anyone and That done with effectiveness, efficiency and excellently Brings great honour and respect to one in the society And makes world go on in peace, progress, prosperity!
A beautifully crafted meaningful poem glorifying the Celebrations of International Labor Day as also the dignity of labor. Thanks for sharing.10+ points.
Yes labor is its own reward. The satisfaction of seeing a project through, watching it come together through the phases and finally the finished product, there is a great joy in it. I'm a builder and some of the best moments at my job are when we've all but finished constructing a garage or house and to stand back in appreciation knowing that I made that structure and baring any disasters it will probably still stand even decades from now, even after I've passed. It makes one feel useful to the world
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