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Lace-Like Structures Divine
(The Crystal Age / Pretoria - South Africa)

Lace-Like Structures Divine

Poem By Margaret Alice

1. Sunlight Shining On Diamond Tiaras

Confronting a new document, looking
neither left nor right, reptilian pain
in the head not to be borne
on this beautiful morn’

Emerald translucence of sunlight shining
on diamond tiaras, the beauty hurting
my soul, I want to make it mine
for evermore

To become one with the diaphanous
flowers, only by melting into soothing
music, Beethoven’s First with its
question-and-answer sequence

Can my soul be pacified for not
being outside to shimmer
in nature’s glory…

2. Lace-Like Structures Divine

Going to the mall, the second-hand bookshop – the miracle
happens again; finding “The Dancing Wu Li Masters – New
Physics” by Gary Zukaf, a title seen long ago, couldn’t find
the book; here it is, the Holy Grail of my Wisdom Quest, a
dream complete – the crocodile set for the holidays,
withdrawing from life into a world of insight; continue our
stroll; another bookshop – offering three books by Dr Emoto
on crystals of water, the meaning of crystal formations
geometric in ice - after exposure of water to music and language:

The words “Thank You” form lace-like structures divine,
saying “love” produces even more beautiful forms, declaring
“I hate You! ” forms a picture of a man with a gun - I’m not
scared any more; by talking to water and recording crystal
formations, communication will always be possible - even
after nuclear fall-out; even after destruction of civilisation,
talking to water in any language to check the concomitant
crystals forming, will make it possible to have real
communication – even with aliens - water reacts
to the emotions expressed…

I undertake to accept and make room for the curiosity
living in my mind, making life hell - loving the crocodile
in my head – so as to create crystal formations of
unsurpassed beauty in the moist vapours
surrounding me!

3.A New Myth…

Splashes of silver sunshine
seen shimmering in under-
water scenes, silver flashes
through leaves and trees, a
male society where creativity
is suspect, validated only by a
money-making cachet –

I watch the world outside,
alive in diaphanous greens,
reflecting silver in brittle clarity –
I’m in need of a new myth to make
my life seem marginally meaningful,
I need to create a new dream
to focus my thoughts, confer the

power to keep my spirit aloft
now it has fallen from the sky,
from its idealistic flight, I’ve lost
the ability to project positive hope
as a rainbow ahead; I’m blinded by
cold-blooded emptiness
cannot get up as yet…

4.Happily Adrift Among Universes

My mind is rested, sleep restored my dream capacity-
I see me in a cottage by the sea, far from intellectual
activity, finding all Jane Roberts’ books, devouring
each and every one, meditating, understanding,

gaining insight as words become experience, as Seth
begins teaching me also; as the crocodile comes to
rest and absorb the knowledge abundantly supplied
by the consciousness called Seth;

playful and rambunctious, as he describes himself,
his lectures filled with zest and humour as becomes
a psychological explorer - exuberant - such as Seth
sees himself, happily adrift among universes

shouting news of his great discoveries from one shore
to another; thus filling up my heart with joy and
wisdom, finally giving meaning to a previously
meaningless existence!

5.Create our own visions

The world – physical reality – is
the product of human imagination,
we accept the realization of the
dreams of previous generations as
inevitable events, suffering within
their hallucinations

Each of us have the power to use
our own imagination, to create our
own visions and dreams, to break
out of our hypnotized state, to
change our habits of perception,
to consciously understand

Our own creativity, since the world
is the materialization of the ideas
in human minds, it goes without saying
we can change its configuration and
create something new by visualising
and designing new institutions

And systems for the planet earth,
finding a new place in the universe,
knowing we have the same power to
create as ancient generations who
came before us and conferred the
same creative powers - on us!

Once we know reality is a hologram – a materialization of the ideas, dreams and visions of people, and we are living the ideas of others embodied in religion and science, in a subjective creation, we realise we have the same power to change reality and create a new world according to our own ideas.

Reality has constantly been reinvented through the ages; we have the power to do it again and reinvent ourselves and the constraints we ASSIGN to reality. One of the reasons we should change reality, is the following experiences caused by the limitations of the present reality:

6. Shrivelled Reality

I’m living the death of the soul, my spirit is dying
within me, in resigned concession to be steadfast
within the lines – even my dreams deserted me
I cannot transcend dried-out, shrivelled reality

Being a living corpse, dead-man-walking, without
recourse to laughter and frivolity, separated from
the inspiring source whence came my sustenance
incarcerated within a barbed-wire body shrinking

My spirit imprisoned, lawfulness and legality comes
at the price of my life, existence in unbearable pain
in this bloodied blackness only uplifting pictures
might work to lift my spirit from infinite pain

Dying again, dying once more, dying unto myself
living in mental destruction, a drab, dreary miserable
grey, following black, official lines, carrying a torch
for my departed soul

7. Broken Hearts

Another painful remark:
‘Human beings are imperfect
and incomplete
struggling for salvation
and completion
therefore religion must be right’

I strenuously disagree
religion is wrong to situate
the badness in man
the badness originates in
religion itself!
Systems and institutions

rules and regulations
everything a perfect person
is taught
born within a system
of thought
aimed at totally destroying

perfect consciousness, defile
purity and love through a
thought system
that teaches shame and humiliation
breaking people down
until they are nothing

meaningless unto themselves
and we survive our lives
with broken hearts

8. The Nothingness

In a time warp
caught in limbo
time standing still
only the text and I
nothing else left
in the universe

quiet research
of words, terms
in source text
bored, vexed
emotional death

wordless revolt
in emptiness
struggling on
time illusion
in a mirage

mind silent
languid death
listless, slow
heavy, rotund
flat, bubonic

no bubbles for me
no sunshine-only
shrinking within
growing smaller
in a miniature

staring into
listening to
swishing air-

keeping the

9. Exploration of Consciousness

I’m exploring the scope of
Consciousness, it has no
limitations but those imposed
by your perception and understanding

Consciousness creates everything,
unlimited to infinity, conscious activity
is joyful, playful, alive; Consciousness
predates the Universe...

All manifestations, physical forms, templates
for earth & its creatures were real before
physical appearance, their mental patterns
originated from Consciousness
flowed into patterns – earth and all species
existed complete in a cosmic painting
which came alive instantaneously,
like a dream

Consciousness is a
repository of mental images
which became physical manifestation;
life exists within Consciousness
for all eternity – atoms and molecules
always possessed Consciousness

Infinite versions of the
physical world exist simultaneously,
each version convinced
of its own physical nature;
communication networks
connect our earth with
all these probabilities…

Jane Roberts “The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events” p.290,291

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A meritworthy medley of mystical machinations Margaret! Rgds, Ivan