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~laced Nights~

~laced Nights~

'Don't want to love you.', the Spright did say
'Get lost in night, I'm on my way.'
And as she saw him turn back and grin,
she felt a pain far deep within...

She tried not to show the gloom she felt,
this tainted card that she was delt.
So she smiled, concealed her frown
and caught a tear as she turned around.

On fairy wings, laced far and wide
she sailed into the star filled sky,
Many moons came and passed
she sailed across the skies of glass.

One starless night, Spright look and saw
the vision filling with shock and awe,
Her fairy wings folded back and found
that very Spright looking up from the ground.

Not having time for Sprightful things,
the night was hers, she spread her wings.
(still working on this)

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