CCA (11/22/48 / Ft. Lauderdale Florida)

Lacey Lavender Ice

Eloquently she moves with such Grace
Soft pink costume with lavender lace
Hair woven thru combs of lace orchids
Glittered trim of butterfly orchis

The arena hushed into awaited suspense
Waiting for the ice show to commence
Announcer‘s voice rang through the air
Ladies and Gents we have one so fair

Everyone's ready all eyes upon the gate
Spotlights break the dark void of wait
She moves across the ice ever so airy
U.S.A. Gold medallists Glynis Cherie

Hearing her name we cheered to greet
Music began we rose from our seats
As she entered moving ever so slow
Bursting forth Glynis stole the show

Stopping briefly as she bowed to all
Sweeping the ice each heart enthralled
Picking the moment to increase her speed
Into a quadruple a great landing indeed

Dropped down and pulls in her spin
As she rises, moves fast as the wind
A sudden jab from the tip of her skate
Poised, she waves and heads for the gate

Applauding so loud we had an encore
Entering ballerina skater gave one more
Floating the ice jumped into a triple
Landed perfectly making it seem simple

Slid to one knee and lowered her head
Rose colored spotlight her beauty fed
Hand to her lips blew a kiss discreetly
Lifting her head winks, smiles sweetly

When she left that stormy night
Her car slid and rolled out of sight
Injured and bound in a wheelchair
At the ballerina music box she stares

Copyright ©2005 Carole Cookie Arnold

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so sad so eloquent the picture so viviid and alive the ending like a blast into the brain tears the only remedy a fine poem