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Lack Of Evidence
CV (October 7th,1984 / Johannesburg, South Africa)

Lack Of Evidence

Poem By Carolyn Vuletic

Late last night I found a significant piece of evidence of you -
evidence of your past existance
i found it odd how little i cared, but how much i still remembered.
i have no pictures of you, only those in my head
i often dream about you, but when i wake up i no longer remember what you look like
silly and repetitive i catch my image in the mirror
you name still etched in my naked skin like a branding - of a caged animal
an animal DYING to be free
but thats just the case, no matter how free an animal may appear, one who's been branded really only means they are owned by someone or something.
i'm branded - for life
but i never was and never will be yours................. ever again

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Comments (2)

A very moving piece, this brought up a lot of memories for me and a mixture of emotions...sincerely bridgid x
Wow! Your stuff is really deep. You touch on interesting subjects too, and go into great detail, it's like, an alternative view of love, instead of just being 2-D, good, and bad, you add the 3rd dimension to it, mixing emotions and feelings. Love it