Lack Of Something

I can feel my hands, my head compels me to write.
I have magnificent ideas, no one has used them and will not, for I will be the one doing that.
Such a beautiful stories I create, my readers praise me.
I am happy.
Was it a lack of something that I cannot write anymore?
I have the magnificent ideas still in my head, unused.
I try to write but still erase the text I write, I need something but what?
I can´t put my words on paper anymore, but the creation still hasn´t stopped.
I need to write, I can´t make my readers wait.
I want to write, the compelling thoughts in my head.
I should write, otherwise I´m useless.

Is it that I once again lack something, I can´t seem to write.
Stories that I now release are better and my readers jump in joy.
They say it´s even better than before....
I don´t like this...

It´s as if it´s not the 'me' who writes but someone else. Someone moves my hands according to his will.
It´s as if I no longer laugh when I write these things. The fun is gone. Still my readers love my stories.

Do I lack something when I cannot produce anything while being conscious.

I may lack something but I still continue to write.

The months pass. I realize what I lack.
My magnificent ideas running in my head, I realized I only writed one story, but the ideas in my head were for the others.
I realized that I thought different from what I wrote.

I realized that it was the vast and limitless mind and imagination of mine, that made me lack the heart to write something even greater than the pieces I wrote.

Lack of something was needed to improve.

by Maria Junnonen

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