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LC (04-06-1992 / Zaandam)


Poem By Léon Caufijn

How strange it is.
To gain from a Void.
Utter Desolation well known.
During my Journeys.

I can not Imagine.
One person, an obstacle, Gone.
Reality still views what is Real.
And this Forsaken World is the Subliminal Truth.

The Aesthetics of Realism.
I can never deny that.
Never forget it nor not knowing it.
That is why I can never leave the claws of What is Real.

Light shines fractured instead as One.
A Priestess laying shared Devotion.
To 2 Deities.
That is What the Inner 'I' is telling.

Time flows in Aeons.
I am waiting.
Although I wither Unseen.
Devastation is coming stealthy and underneath my Flesh.

It is Illusive to feel Utterness.
When it is known that I drink from a Shattered Glass.
And it is Undeniable to not to Live in Reality.
Words try to view you into Pure Absences, Lacking...

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