IOI (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)

Lacking Grace For Miss Callie

Thoughtless parents frequently
choose names for children that will be
A source of much embarrassment.

Although it’s unintentional.
A name that’s unconventional
can often be an unwise choice.

Though it appeals to both of you.
I’m sure it’s most unlikely to
appeal to the recipient.

It opens them to ridicule.
From the first day they go to school
and follows them throughout their life.

So think again before you choose
A name that will invite abuse.
Why make them suffer needlessly.

It isn’t hard find something plain
and save your child a lot of pain
That’s caused by cruel mockery.

A simple name will well suffice.
Why should your children pay the price
for your insensitivity.

Fifi Mariposa may sound well
Though you discarded Trixibelle.
You wanted something different

When she is old enough to choose
you can be sure she’ll change her name.
To something much more suitable.

Some names have stood the test of time
The one you chose a heinous crime.
For which you deserve punishment.

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