SN ( / Mauritius)


She is born with a fragile name
She is born from innocence…
Vulnerable she is, mysterious always
Shy often, worried always

Beauty is her aim
Eager for eternal love
Always praying for peace
Always heading for the best

Future is her struggle
Though her fate is else
But fragile she is…

Her secrets are buried in her heart
Deep inside she is alone
Alone, she will fight
Alone, she sail in this ocean of tears

Forgive them, the leader of the world
To steal earlier her veil of innocence
To forget she is forever a child
Only grown from hardship

Tired, sorrow, peaceless,
Yet she has to veil the truth
Longing for rest, for a smile
Yet she has to fight like a warrior

Eyes loaded with tears
She is unheard, she has to pretend
Her heart is unwilling
She has not grown yet, yet she has to fight

Never is she a leader, yet she live
Lonely but she exist
Why, no one knows
Maybe she has to

She smile to cope with others
Sounding ok but the heart is unwilling
Its not her wish, but she has to
In her silence, is burnt her veil of innocence
Maybe she is truly loved but it hurts to feel her silence…

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Vulnerable she is, mysterious always Shy often, worried always beautiful poem..............keep writing