Anti Bullying

To all the assholes, who bully out there.
Putting people down, without A care.
Saying things, that need not be said.
Making the victims, wish they were dead.
Think to yourself, what if that was me.
Would you feel the pain, and hurt you can't see.
Would you feel tortured, and so out of place.
Or would you feel, like such A discrace.
There is so many things, that would run through the mind.
Of the person being bullied, would it hurt to be kind.
Maybe say sorry, and open your eyes.
This will get you nowhere, oh what A surprise.
Life is so short, so why make it hard.
Take A step forward, and play that trump card.
So try being kind, or lending A hand.
Help someone out, by taking A stand.
Tell people stop, and leave them alone.
It's not all that hard, it's not A skill you must hone.

So I guess that's my rant, not much more to say.
People have feelings, it doesn't pay to play with them.

by Alex Butler

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One of my favorite poets. - - - - - - - - - -and, lifting one / wondrous shoulder from the evening gown, / she drinks quietly from her image. She drinks / what a lover would drink feeling dazed, - - - - - -pure artistry to write such lines and draw the reader into this scene
All time beauty from Rilke. Enjoyed the essence of a nice poem.
'As in sleeping-drink spices softly she loosens in the liquid-clear mirror her fatigued demeanor; and she puts her smile deep inside' - a fantastic introduction indeed!
The sadness of reality emerging from the mystery of reflection.
Fascinating stuff...a read that draws one on for more.
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