Lady Avarice

‘Tis past midnight - deep
The night

And you dig, dig wild
Dig not stop - ah -
Lady Avarice!

You dug up a bone
Holds it high to
The light of the
Somber moon -
Lady Avarice!

Disheveled hair
Around you
You dig up - you -
Lady Avarice!

Pointed nose
In the tricky moon
Delightin coins
Skeletons and bones
All that's found -
Lady Avarice! 5

Why care not
For the dross and for
The lands
For the buildings
That you have -
You will more?
Ah! Lady Avarice

Ah! Lady Avarice
Queen of ‘vice'
Your avarice!

by Emmanuel George Cefai

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