MM (3/16/60 / Macungie, PA.)

Lady Friend

Your beauty my trap
My better sense has snapped
Say you hate me
So I may leave
Am I your puppet
Or just a pawn
Playing this game
I'm just hanging on

You're sure to win
I'm bound to lose
I'm bound to the fact
That I'm a sucker
A loser
Your doormat
A nice guy

Need some cash
Take all that I have
Borrow my car
Go for a drive
Don't return it
Want to sleep
Lay in my bed
I'll be on the couch
While you screw with my head

I'm a sucker
A loser
Your doormat
A nice guy

Cheat on me
With an old friend
I' ll forgive you
So you can do it again
My confidence is gone
Yet my daydreams still hang on
One day you'll see
The love for you
Is in me

I'm not a sucker
A loser
Or your doormat
Just a nice dude
Who cares for you

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Comments (1)

Oh, what a write, it flowed and captured my attention. It is sad and I hope it to be a muse; but if not, she's out of her head or doesn't know how to appreciate one with your heart. I think in myself of how people have used me, abused me, because of my 'wide heart, ' they say. My need to always fix things for everyone else and make everyone else comfortable and happy. I in the end, end up with nothing....mostly with the terms you have used here. It seems I am willing to accept anyone who shows me some attention and I do know why. It is because I am still looking for the love I never got, or still trying to find out what love really feels like. Your writing here reminds me of something familiar....I only hope that it isn't true. I know the feelings that come to you from being used and walked over by people you love. I only know it too well.... Your writing is really is....and shows you have a beautiful soul. Take care.....