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Lady Friend

I miss my lady friend who likes to tease
she'd play with my head while down on her knees
her work is first rate, quite skilled at the job
such attention to detail, especially my knob

I wish she would stop by or call and say hi
and whisper to me 'let me unzip your fly'
'we've waited too long, I'm way overdue
the time is now to make a connection with you'

the moon phase is right, and no one is home
'I need you in me', i.e. bury the bone!
'I am way out of balance, my energy gone
the only cure is your magic wand'

'Come over right now! ' she said meaning no pun
'I've got a new trick and we'll have some fun
to get the dance started, the pants they will drop
and the waltz wil continue until I'm on the top! '

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