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Lady Green Leaves

Roll me like thunder across the bed of the skies,
and bring down the stars and light them within my eyes.
Drown me in the river of love's tormented loss.
Only when I drown, will I find my way across.

I want to be with my lover, to kiss his lips,
to dance naked with the dawn's auroral eclipse.
One sweet sigh of rapture, and the green leaves depart.
I am sheltered in the colonnades of the heart.

In the dead sea of a mirror, I see my face,
the lost look of longing that has taken love's place.
I cry to the morning, the mistress of the seas,
lady of the universe and all galaxies.

The sky will never dawn, nor love's inflection.
He cannot be drawn in a mirror's reflection.
The milk-white flowers march onward, in scattered seeds,
to conquer the lake of the land and all its reeds.

The green-boot roses stand still on quaint summer eves.
I reach out to touch the softness of velvet leaves;
and I place a green leaf in the silk of my hair.
My heart is a green universe, the sky I wear.

I walk my way towards Him, with such humble grace,
to see stars in His eyes and the sky of His face.
I am what I know, and I know that He's the way.
I am nothing without Him to lead every day.

Here I am, hidden, in the bushes of these words.
You sit around me like a flock of lonely birds;
and all of us suffer from love's tormented loss,
that left us in sorrow at the foot of the cross.

by Linda Marie Van Tassell

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