Lady In Waiting

This lady in waiting chooses to wait no more!
I've been waiting and waiting, But waiting! What for?
For someone I love to be like me or at least,
The way I believe, they should be.
But wait! Step back! What do I really see?
Is this reflection in the mirror, could it be me,
I see? Or delusions of another time.
Am I ready to make this choice? Or, could it be
I'm waiting for another voice.
Or is this a case of reality?
I believe I may just need more time!
To sit on the shore, or whatever, I find
Helps me to sort out this mind of mine!
So, don't push or pressure yourself dear lady.
For, isn't this, the reason in life,
You always believed yourself to be shady?
So take your time; Relax that mind;
Until, the next time, you look in your mirror,
and the picture, you see, has become much clearer,
So, my Lady in waiting, you may continue to wait;
But, this time, the waiting is for you!

by Bonnie S. Lee

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