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Lady In Waiting
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Lady In Waiting

Poem By Susan Cunningham

Quiet..in the hush of winter's eve, she searches the heavens
and He waits with quickened breath seeing her tears,
He must touch her
The flesh has grown into maturity, her form ripe and warm
beautiful in the glow of His Spirit
God listens to her heartbeat, the very essence of His soul,
moving and stirring within
Ages have passed as time brings to rest upon her ear
the echoes of His love
Heard in a dream, the sound of His trumpet..crown of glory
seen on fair steed
So softly He calls to her, this Knight of Sunrise
so wild in His love, He comes, in intimate favor
sacred moments, longing strains of what is true and claimed by blood
aching caress shared as One
tender and gentle words unspoken. lovers unbroken..eternal
So blessed with His presence, is she, the chosen
His life, His lady in waiting.

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