BT (December 17,1964 / Canada)

Lady Of The Longboard

My dearest Brother
I heard you were Unable to make plans for the holidays
Breezed into Ottawa to share a cup of coffee
Let us catch up at Tim's in the Market Square

In walked a girl
Her smile lit up the room
Glancing at you she asked
'Don't you believe in love

You said 'I believe i love my country, my Queen
But i have made many sacrifices and my head is bowed with care
She pulled up a chair and asked you to tell all
For two hours you spoke as people gathered to listen

I sat quietly, uttering not a word while my coffee grew cold

A tall bearded man dressed all in black entered
Stood against the wall listening
He approached our table and pointed at me for all to see
'I know your brother here he is a butterfly collector.'

him to show my daughter Rachel
his killing jar

I stood 'It is true that i love the blue butterfly
One day i caught her with my net and
trapped her in my killing jar
I pressed her vessel to a picture of the Lady of the Longboard

He clutched his daughter's arm to leave
But she turned to ask 'Who is this lady?

She is Rell Sunn, the most graceful surfer ever
loved by surfers everywhere as the Heart of the Sea
She was taken from us before her time

Rachel shook free from her father's grip
'Father, go home, we are taking these brothers dancing
If i return home before midnight you are going to tell me
all about Rell Sunn

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Comments (2)

Great poem, interesting idea, having different people listening in at the Market Square over a cup of coffee! Never wanted to catch butterflies, just wanted to watch them flit from flower to flower, they are so beautiful, fragile, delicate. Would chase after them when little. Thank you for a really great memory, Bud! Thank you for sharing, RoseAnn
Interesting poem, Bud. Another true story like the 40 sticks of dynamite?