The Rose And The Thorn

such utter perfection in form and colour,
such a heavenly fragrance wafts up to my nose,
in all of God's most wondrous creations,
is there anything more perfect than the rose?

so many colours, shapes and sizes,
all blooming in a, mass of green leaves,
no more beautiful a sight, as a bush in bloom,
or a rambler, spilling over a cottage eaves.

its verily a sign of true love,
presented to a maiden fair,
what can be more befitting and apt,
as the rose says more, than the lover can dare.

and the prickly thorns He put there,
as if to remind us all the more,
look for joy and beauty among the thorns,
just beauty would be an eyesore,

unfurl the petals one by one,
and go deep down to the core,
the essence of the rose is hidden deep inside,
llike a secret inside a locked door.

our soul is like the fragrant centre,
clad tightly within heavenly layers,
unfurl the petals, blossom forth,
be one with God through prayers.

many pricks we receive,
for a thing of beauty,
its all a part of life,
there can be no victory without a struggle,
there can be no peace without strife.

by Arti Chopra

Comments (3)

Heya! This is such a beautiful poem! Excellent use of personification- I'll never be able to look at the moon in the same way again! Your poetry rocks, xXx
Good poem. I would like to point few areas where I feel you need to concentrate: 1. Your expressions lack energy and intensity. Plz remember it's a poem and not a short story. 2. Your topic, it lacks the touch of reality. 3. The metre of your poems which is very random. Needs absolute conentration. Thank you. N.D.
You seem to like writing poems on the moon and I really like them! I love the way you referred to the moon as a goddess. You should keep writing. Have you just started to write poems?