Lady Of The Moon

Deep seas of nothingness marries the face of the moon.
The moon. is only a small world lifeless world.
A face of a rare and radiant maiden appears on the surface.
Her face and body are made of deep lunar seas.

Her name is Luna the goddess of the moon.
Her hair is the purest and finest silver strands.
Luna's elegant hair touches the ground.
Flowers adore her ever so lovely hair.

Luna is as pure as sparking spring water.
Still and always a virgin.
Her voice is musical like a light ringing bell.

Has a figure of a new born baby tree.
Small, willowy, delicate and easy to destroy.
The eyes of the goddess are imperial star Sapphire.
Luna's lips are a luxurious and sweet just like ripe raspberries.

A huge royal amulet of rare moonstone clasped around her neck.
The dress of the goddess is the like perfect snow.
Impeccable tresses of the dress touch the ground.

Luna mourns the death of someone she never knew.
This goddess is the only person of her kind.
She is in the deepest trench, because she has no love.
Too beautiful and perfect no mortal man could ever be her match.

by Vega Destiny Star

Comments (3)

Heya! This is such a beautiful poem! Excellent use of personification- I'll never be able to look at the moon in the same way again! Your poetry rocks, xXx
Good poem. I would like to point few areas where I feel you need to concentrate: 1. Your expressions lack energy and intensity. Plz remember it's a poem and not a short story. 2. Your topic, it lacks the touch of reality. 3. The metre of your poems which is very random. Needs absolute conentration. Thank you. N.D.
You seem to like writing poems on the moon and I really like them! I love the way you referred to the moon as a goddess. You should keep writing. Have you just started to write poems?