I Stand With The Students And The Parents From Parkland, Florida

Enough, enough is enough
With constant massacres of students in schools
Take the AR-15 guns and other weapons from the fools
Who want to prove that they're rough and tough
By cowardly hurting and killing innocent children.
A school ought to be a special place, a sacred haven
For a child to learn, to grow, to be a better individual.
Conscientious politicians must do something now
Right now, to make us safe. Do you want to know how?
By legislating in the interest of the people, by taking control
By protecting the lives of our innocent children
By putting criminals where they belong - in jail
By putting sick people where they belong - in hospitals
And by not letting recidivists roaming out on bail.
Pretty soon, our older students will go to the polls
To vote for the right politicians, who are really tough
The ones, which are not wishy-washy, hypocritical
Weak, incompetent, pusillanimous, and out of control.
Enough, enough is enough
I stand with the students of all of our schools
Bravo, the surviving students are informed and cool
The students and their parents are smart, bright
Alert, brave, responsible, dedicated and right
We want Congress to act now, to change the laws now
To stop receiving blood money from selfish lobbyists
Our children must be protected now, now, right now
From sick people, from the losers and the beasts
Who are littering the streets, and harassing our children
School should be, for our students, a refuge, a safe haven
School should not be a place where students are executed
School should not be a place where children are persecuted
Responsible politicians should act immediately
To remedy the situation, to stop the nightmare
Enough is enough. We can no longer bear
The pain. We want and deserved a non-violent society.

Copyright ©, February 2018, Hebert Logerie, All Rights Reserved

by Hebert Logerie

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