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Lady Of The Sea

My tears... drew
the well of my soul, to cry
a virulent verdigris.
The blue... flew
from my eyes into the sky,
from sky to cover the sea.

My heart... beat
and love's tumultuous force
quickened with shadowy night.
The love... heat
smoldered an infinite course
of sweet tongues and bruised delight.

My skin... burned,
thirsty wave in lover's dance,
flame in a thicket of fire.
The moon... turned
between shadow and stance.
Silhouettes whispered desire.

My mouth... kissed
your succulent form burned ripe
like an ultimate peach.
The night... blissed,
harmonies played on a pipe,
as firm as wood on the beach.

My tongue... found
the moist fervor of your mind,
geyser flooding from the tip.
The words... bound
were delivered, unconfined,
as I touched them with my lip.

My love... slept
in the circle of my arms.
Night folded wings over lea.
My eyes... wept
for I was touched by his charms.
Conquered Lady of the Sea.

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An interesting poetic solution. Has it anything to do with 'The Lady from the Sea' by Ibsen?