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Each time I see a ladybird I recall Clock A Clay
A poem in a school book years ago and far away
Written about the spotted beetle by the great poet John Clare
A gem amongst Nature poetry that to the best compare.

The spotted ladybird beetles help gardeners in no small way
On insects that destroy fruit and vegetables they have been known to prey
They live on aphids, mites, scales and mealy bugs and keep the gardens pest free
And blossoming fruit trees healthy where ladybirds you see.

A friend of Mother Nature with dark spots through their red
Of the beautiful ladybirds only kind things are said
And there is a saying about them whether it be false or true
That good luck and health are with you if one alights on you.

The beaautiful ladybird beetles familiar to one and all
And every time I see one John Clare's poem I recall,
A poem I first read in a school book some fifty years ago
When I was young and green to life with much to learn and know.

by Francis Duggan

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