Laffing Yoger (Laughing Yoga)

Of smiles and love
springs forth
a burst of hearty laughter

blowing out the innards
the old, the stuck
the useless

Laugh it out of your life
ha ha ha
he he he
ha ha ha

thank you berry much
thank you berry much
thank YOU berry much

says Hiro-Chan ~goddess of giggle
walker of the sure path
clad in smiles and bells

as we drove our cosmic
bikes in circles, wheelies, peel outs, dust!
'the whirling Dervish have nothing on us'
As we mod-ly dahnced with Brits and tits
And dirty were our feet and pure
were our hearts, cleansed with mind floss,
the love nutz and laffing Yoger

You are Berry berry good
You are Berry Berry GOOD!
Thank YOU Berry much
thank you berry much!

as we laughed our way to the
bank with no balance!
At ZERO we say,
'Ha Ha Ha
He He He! !
thank you berry much'

by Chuy Amante

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