Lagos My Home

I felt the modesty of a village genre
Having leaved for city mid-twenties
To brighten the future as mama told me
Things here are mystical, uncanny
And stylish to my upbringing.

Lagos! River of honeys
And flood of termites
Where ladies exhibit nakedness as fashion shows
And their boys dress beautifully
Like rustic rags beside a roadside.

The middle age wants to turn thirties
Sugar daddies and sugar mummies
Make young ones deep in immoralities
Everything here is undoing to my village lifestyle.

In here: area boys, marketers
Commercial drivers and Okadas
Are warlords, profiteers
Confusionists and road trappers
Hills of garbage swimming round the city
Power outrage became homeless for people to sleep.

But if you look beyond your nose
Lagos City still remains the pivot of excellence
The Midas touch of Nigeria.

by Abiodun Adekoya

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