FDF (15.04.1953 / Celle, Germany)

Laid Publisher

Why write?
Because we are written!
Why not drawn politicians
out off their noble cars?
Why only discuss?
If they do not listen anymore!
None answered our questions.
Nobody takes our concerns seriously anymore.
Why not send politicians to the desert
as agents of industrial managers -
lobby only for the interests for to get
more money
why not refuse consumption
burn money
boycott shops
make food again himself
and clothes
swap household
and offer social assistance
and refuse money
accept but consideration
and the tax authorities -
Obscene Gesture!
Why not accept refugees
share his food with them
and give the Protection of the Constitution no
Legality anymore,
as well as the social and
Labor offices, the same as
Riot Police, Customs and Immigration
authority who are bound by the State
and not even allowed to demonstrate
for their rights.
Constable of the state, remaining -
which are tools of power,
may not develop their own reflection
and bought henchmen in the fight against
their own people,
even if in a new role as protectors of the state
against poverty and need with barbed wire
be commanded and water cannons used.
There is no life
in falsities!
Also populism can not be distracted because of new
Nationalism, propaganda public of any
Press is ruminated until you puke.
So why write?
Because we are our own press and print ourselves
and are not embarrassed
to disassemble us in your brain
by ourselves
and we also show solidarity
and lay down by your side!

All rights reserved
Floy Dy Ra,04/09/2016

by Floy Dy (Floyd) Ra (Floydson)

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