Lake Bolac It Is Almost Dry

I know that climate change is for real not an environmentalist lie
One of Western Victoria's largest lakes Lake Bolac is almost dry
Perhaps down to twenty per cent of capacity and dwindling by the day
The remaining water in it from the original lake shore now does seem far away.

Three hundred metres of dry lake bed having said that maybe more
To walk to where the water is from the original lake shore
An old time local resident fifteen years with three score
Says she has never seen the lake as dry as this before.

For our abuse of Nature the price is huge to pay
Lake Bolac it is almost dry that does seem sad to say
And despite the recent heavy rains rivers at an all time low
And in the bare and brown paddocks only thistles seem to grow.

Yes climate change it is for real the signs are everywhere
The creeks and drains dry as a bone the paddocks brown and bare
And old Lake Bolac drying out fast one might say almost dead
Old el nino is still around and tough times times are ahead.

by Francis Duggan

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