Lake Cartcarrong

Save for a few small pools of water lake Cartcarrong is dry
And only dark mud is now what meets the eye
Only a mudflat where a large body of water has been
The signs of climate change everywhere to be seen
The thirsty one El Nino is hard to satisfy
And above the mudflat he's created the masked lapwing cry
For to fill Lake Cartcarrong it would take weeks of heavy rain
Though the lake in it's full glory may never more be seen again,
A long and warm Spring and Summer and a warm start to the Fall
Of the long dry spells on record the longest and driest of all
And the only large body of water for miles about
Lake Cartcarrong by the elements has been dried out
And those who have predicted the demise of El Nino have thus far been proved wrong
He has claimed one more victim poor Lake Cartcarrong.

by Francis Duggan

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