Lake Hawea

A huge mass of inland water icy looking and sky blue
By the high road stretching for miles something wonderful to view
From Makarora to Wanake the mountain road winds up and down
By the peaks through craggy valleys through a landscape green to brown.

The great waters of Lake Hawea look more like an inland sea
But this water is safe for drinking good to boil for soup or tea
From the Alpine streams and rivers that flow from the higher
Streams and rivers with their sources in the high peaks all around.

Such great sights of natural beauty have inspired the Nature poet
And i'm sure about old Lake Hawea poems and ballads have been wrote
Song writer put pen to paper and write song for your guitar
And sing your song about the great lake so it's beauty is known far.

From Makarora to Wanake fifty k's or even more
Mile on mile of wind blown water lapping on the shingled shore
This a land of natural beauty and i'll retain the memory
Of the great Lake of Hawea stretching like an inland sea.

by Francis Duggan

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