Lake Linlithgow

There was a lake there years ago an old local told me
It is now a shrubby valley where Lake Linlithgow use to be
The creeks that did flow into it stopped flowing years ago
Yes climate change it is for real as we have come to know,
The old bloke into his seventies has enjoyed a long life span
He used to swim in Lake Linlithgow when he was a young man
And only puddles of water in linlithgow despite the recent heavy rain
And boats sailing where the lake once was will not be seen again,
The old bloke he seemed sprightly though the years had left him gray
He said about Linlithgow thought I'd never see the day
That where a great lake once was only scrub now grow
I used to fish with my mates there but that was years ago,
Only shrub grow in Linlithgow the old bloke shook his head
It used to be a great lake when I was young he said.

by Francis Duggan

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