Lake Pertobe Warrnambool

On the treed islands a safe place for shy species of crakes and rails to hide
Where swamp-hens and moorhens and coots search for food on the lake-side
Where herons and egrets and spoonbills are quite often seen
In the lake surrounded by parkland that at most times look green
On Pertobe Lake pelican, black swan and species of wild duck one often does see
In a safe haven for waterbirds of the wild sort of hunters to live free
Where little grebe dive for food birds of human kind shy
And on the banks the cormorants after fishing stretch their wings out to dry
Lake Pertobe near the old city of Warrnambool
A nice place to visit on a Summer evening not too warm or cool
Where the wild-born of Nature in safety reside
Loved by those who love Nature from places far and wide
Park Lake Pertobe to the City of Warrnambool near
A nice place to visit at anytime of year.

by Francis Duggan

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