Lake Pertobe

On the shallow waters of Lake Pertobe waders and water birds abound
The white royal spoonbill with dark legs and long spoon like bill is often seen shuffling around
Bill in water head moving side to side for water dwelling life forms to eat
Such as small fish and shrimps and molluscs that to their taste buds do taste sweet
Where white eyed duck, blackduck, chestnut and gray teal in large numbers are to be seen
For waterbirds Pertobe is a safe haven to a more beautiful place I've not been
The big birds the black swans and pelicans, the cormorants the black and pied,
The moorhens, great egret, the coots and the swamphens in and around Pertobe reside,
The little grebes tiny and elusive of humankind wary and shy
The shoveller ducks beautiful creatures at least sign of danger quick to fly
By park tables silver gulls assembled for food scraps from picknickers they cry
To the backdropp of the Pacific Ocean that rumbles and grumbles nearby
In the children's Playground at Pertobe the parents watch their children at play
A beautiful place for to visit on a sunny and a pleasant day.

by Francis Duggan

Comments (2)

Wonderful to watch with vicarious pleasure many kinds of birds in their natural habitat! Nice poem to read and enjoy!
such a wonderous place i wish i could be there