TFR (September 22,1975 / Pennsacola, Florida)

Lost In A Dream

Sometimes it just seems I get lost in a dream
Life happens as I careen from reality
So many things began happening it feels so
Surreal so serene you truly mean everything to
Me a poet a prodigy it still makes you laugh I see
You were the one who instilled that in me
I can do anything Richie in the end you will see
Just keep writing your poetry giving it justice
I believe that you will overcome and achieve
If only you have it in your heart to truly believe
I did all of this for you and me I've fell short
Of the perfect human being but you don't
Have to leave and this is what she said to me

"I gotta go and pack my things" Keep aiming for
The stars and the trees in time you'll reach the
Moon one day the world will see that you're everything
And much more the person I once adored throughout
Our humbled beginnings" use your mind that's
The key you know kinetic energy in the end we
Grow up and begin to see the road less traveled
Opens doors as we're traveling that's what
Robert had taught me these meanings I'm gathering
While crafting art within the poetry her words still
Daunting as I'm going through these pages

Raw emotions remaining ageless a mind stuck in
A cage when going through heartbreaks and its stages
Just life and her phrases I'm stuck in the mazes and
I can't seem to break free from them while getting
Lost in the dream that I'm pursuing but I careen
Going through the things I should have already learned
Everyone finding their true love Will Richie get his turn
Why does it seem like everything I touch I break
I finally get what Edgar was truly trying to say
Tell me everything in the end will be okay even it ain't
Now in my head using words in vain because when you
Left my mind began drawing blanks I could barely think
I've been in constant pain so just come back to me


by Laquory Jones

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i loved it Rice...i think you are poetry and also with a perceptive soul...hope and opportunity...both need the start and wait...beautiful write