Laleh And Ladan

For twenty nine years co-joined at the head together each with a separate brain and a separate heart
And they both died under a separation operation suppose they were not meant to live apart
And for twenty nine years every where together and there's many a day in twenty nine long years
And yet the tragedy of their sad parting would flood the very hardest heart with tears.

Their story made it into the World news headlines far beyond the borders of their Homeland in Iran
Laleh and Ladan lived and died together their operation did not go to plan
Their dreams of separate lives were not meant to be and together perhaps they were meant to stay
They knew the risk and they felt the risk worth taking and sad to think it ended for them in this way.

Their story is a story well worth telling for the future generations to inspire
Two very bright and beautiful young women the types that one could not help but admire
That fortune favours the brave did not apply in their case yet their life story is well worthy of recall
They dared to dream and they had hope and courage and those perhaps the greatest gifts of all.

Their dreams of a better life ended in their deaths and heart break for all of the members of their family
But their life story is now for the masses and their lives a triumph for humanity,
Laleh and Ladan their names will live forever far beyond the borders of the Middle Eastern shore
And their after life for them will be far better and may they rest in peace forever more.

by Francis Duggan

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