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MW (14 July 1973 / Berent)


streaks of sun bless my
where not a time begins
all exasperations end

mustn't thou learnt to
swim or can't ye- thou canst
learn it cheaper in
a club - her swipe
next to: what are
you mumbling?

a lamb hums her
explosive pronounced t's
the sesame to her mind
always straightly linear
behind the tool of t's hides
it wants rage to somersault

not jog or walk- they
challenge poise - equilibrium
not. Scales are tipped to
one side but which things?
if sesame's environment
tightens muscles for

a benign expression,
then my sun wakes

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I think this kind of stuff is something a mother could -possibly- like. But what is it doing on a poetry site? What is it? Are delusions pleasant? Forget that I commented. H