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Lame Poetry And Glorified Horoscopes
AV (September 23,1986 / Sudbury, Ontario, Canada)

Lame Poetry And Glorified Horoscopes

Some people were not meant to write poetry.
This is a fact,
not an opinion.

Poetry is not,
using a thesaurus to fit in a large word.
Poetry is not,
a useless rhyme scheme and structure.
Poetry does not have to rhyme.
Poetry is not,
pretending your name is A Black Rose,
An Orange Tiger,
A Yellow Banana,
An Obtuse Angle,
or whatever the hell you call yourself.

Why do people persist on writing about
how clever they
they are,
and about just how original they believe they are.
why is it that some of these people
use profanity
just for the sake of profanity?
It does not make sense,
it is not creative,
and it does not make you Bukowski.

As for the birthday poems
that read like glorified horoscopes,
and have just as much emotion put into them,
this is a waste of space
that could have been used
for good poetry
rather than writing
that sounds identical
to what you read
in an almanac
or the newspaper.

Take a deep breath,
be inspired,
write with your heart and mind.

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My Father was called Green Rose My Mother was Tiger Lily I changed mine to Black Banana Coz Obtuse Angle's just silly. Danny ; ¬)